Security Alert: Phishing/Fraud

Luma not only improves your wifi coverage and speeds, but also improves your home's network security.   Luma is constantly monitoring your home's network traffic and is able to identify and alert when threats or threat-like behaviors are detected.

There are several types of alerts that home user may encounter. Below is an overview of the alert notifications that you might see should your home come under attack.





The Phishing/Fraud alert notification will occur when your Luma has observed traffic on your network that reflects traffic associated with a phishing and/or fraud related site.

Phishing is an attempt to obtain information from unsuspecting victims by impersonating legitimate companies or persons.  Frequently, this will come in the form of an email that appears to be legitimate but in fact is fraudulent and will redirect the victim to a fake website.   The goal is primarily to obtain personal information from the victim such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and more.  These sites will then either use this information or sell it to other criminals so that they can steal your identity, money, other personal data.

If Luma security blocking is enabled, this will disrupt communication to these phishing/fraud sites.

If you encounter this alert, it is a best practice to make sure that any personal information has not been shared and if needed change your passwords and account information where  you may have been compromised.  Another good practice is also to follow up with your vendor or service being targeted to make sure that no fraudulent activity has occurred there (i.e. your bank or credit card company).

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