Security Alert: Ad Fraud

Luma not only improves your wifi coverage and speeds, but also improves your home's network security.   Luma is constantly monitoring your home's network traffic and is able to identify and alert when threats or threat-like behaviors are detected.

There are several types of alerts that home user may encounter. Below is an overview of the alert notifications that you might see should your home come under attack.


Ad Fraud


 Ad Fraud is frequently the result of user inadvertently downloading and installing a script that has the sole purpose of generating clicks on certain websites.   The reason for this is that many sites are monetized by the number of clicks that they receive.  You can see where this is going.   If your device is infected with an ad fraud script and you happen to leave your system up overnight, it might be actively clicking on sites that you have no knowledge of and providing revenue for the owners of those sites.   This may sound relatively benign, but think about all of that background activity that is potentially consuming your system or bandwidth.   While it may be more innocuous than traditional malware, it can still create real problems for some victims.   

If Luma security blocking is enabled, this will disrupt ad fraud communication.

As most Anti-virus software now look for ad fraud/malvertising scripts, it is best that you review the compromised device and confirm that the system is up to date with respect to anti-virus and security patches.

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