Does Luma work with my existing WiFi router?

The short answer for this would be, yes. However, Luma replaces your current wireless router. Luma is a WiFi router, so there is technically no reason for you to run it alongside your existing router. To get the best speeds, we also recommend that you connect the Main Luma directly to your ISP provided Modem. For example, if you're currently using an Apple Airport:

You will connect the Main Luma directly to your Modem on the Luma's IN port
You will connect the Apple Airport behind the Main Luma by using the Luma's OUT port
Alternatively, you can connect the Apple Airport to any of your Luma's OUT port (if you have more than one)

The above example is based upon the assumption that you have an Apple Airport. Also please be advised that the Apple Airport is used only as an example and the Apple Airport will only work with Apple devices.

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