What kind of modem setup do I have?

Modems help provide connectivity to the internet, which allows you and your family to access content on the web.  

Whichever type of modem you have, it's typically provided by your internet service provider (ISP). When troubleshooting or asking questions about your Luma network, it's helpful to know what kind of setup you might have.


Standalone Modem (Modem Only)

In general, modems have one ethernet port. This port allows you to hardwire one device to connect directly to the internet. Typically, most setups use this one port to connect to a router which allows you to broadcast a WiFi network.  


Modem and Router Device (2 Devices Separated)

This setup should be easy to identify. You will have two independent devices, a modem and a router. The modem should be similar to what is described above. The router will be the device that is connected to your modem through ethernet. The router itself will have 3+ ethernet ports.  


Modem/Router Combination (MRC)

Most newer homes and newer internet subscribers have this type of modem/router combo. These devices generally have 2-4 ethernet ports and also plug directly into the coax cable.  and provide WiFi throughout your home.

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