Can I change the name of one of my Lumas?

You may change the name to whatever you'd like for a Luma. 

**Note that the Android Steps are below the final steps for iOS**


To change the name of a Luma in the iOS App: 

  • Tap on the Menu (top left corner)
  • Tap on My Account


  • Swipe (or push to the left) on top of the preferred Luma
  • Tap on the Pencil Icon



  • Edit the name of your selected Luma to a preferred name
  • Tap the Orange Save Icon. 




To change the name of a Luma in the Android App:

  • On the main WiFi screen, tap the Luma you'd like to rename



  • After selecting the preferred Luma, Tap on the Menu (3 dots) in the top right corner then Tap rename




  • Tap on the preferred name from the list



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