How do I remove a Luma?

Occasionally a Luma needs to be removed from the system to either relocate, replace, or for general troubleshooting purposes. 

If the Luma is removed from the app while plugged in, this will disassociate the Luma from the account and put it back into Setup Mode. If the Luma hub is removed from the app first, it will clear the other Lumas from your account.



  • Tap on the Menu (three lines in the top left corner.)

  • Select My Account.





  • Swipe to the left on the Luma that is to be removed.

  • Select the red trash can icon to delete the Luma.





  • From the Main page of the app, each Luma is listed. (Sliding to the left will reveal more Lumas.)

  • Tap on the individual Luma. 


  • The information pane for that Luma appears. 

  • Tap the three dot menu at the top right and select Delete.
  • A confirmation to delete the Luma appears. Press Delete from Network.








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