What do the different Luma light colors indicate?


The following list of lights can be seen in different situations pertaining to the Lumas: 


No light: Once the Lumas have been set up, the lights go completely dark and remain that way. This is perfectly normal behavior for almost the entirety of the Luma's usage.

Blue Spinning: System is starting. This indicates a booting up of the Luma unit. 

Blue Solid: A solid blue light indicates that the Luma's boot has completed. Now, the Luma is ready to go through the setup process.

Blue Pulse: Searching for wifi. Once enabled and the setup process is followed, the unit should flash green next.

Solid Red Ring During Setup - After the Luma has turned solid blue and pulsed blue, this light indicates that the Luma node is too far from the hub or to the other node to which it is trying to connect. The app should return an error as well about this discrepancy. 

Green Flashes - A successful setup of the Luma has occurred. 


There are a few other, more extenuating circumstances with lights on the Lumas. These are as follows:

Continual Blue Spinning (After Power Cycling) - Indicates that the Luma cannot connect to other Lumas. This could indicate that the spinning blue Luma has been moved out of range.

Purple - There is either something plugged into the USB on the back of the Luma unit or a more serious error occurring, usually resulting in a replacement process. 


As always, feel free to reach out to Support should there be any additional questions or concerns. 

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