How many Lumas do I need?

The number of Lumas required for a household may vary depending on size of the home as well as construction materials, which may impede network signal strength. Older, more densely constructed homes may need the Lumas to be placed closer than the recommended 30ft. 

The average Luma broadcasts a signal out to cover an 1000-1200 sq ft home. However, this is additionally dependent on materials and should be treated as a flexible range on a case by case basis. 

Luma LEDs will show a red ring after booting up to indicate that the distance between units is too far (during setup). Ideally, arranging units in a "star" pattern gives optimal mesh coverage, however Lumas can also be placed on individual floors of a multistory home. 

For help concerning placement and coverage, feel free to contact Support at [email protected] or (800) 684-5862. 

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