Luma Required Ports

Luma devices require specific ports to be open in order to communicate with the Luma cloud.  In most cases, this is not an issue as all communication is outbound from the Luma home network to the Luma cloud.

When Lumas are setup behind a cable modem, the Luma acts as the router and thus controls all security to the home network.   This is the recommended configuration.

However, many internet service providers (ISP) provide cable modem router combination devices.  These devices offer routing functionality and in many cases offer additional security features that may include port blocking.   These devices may require additional ports opened depending on the security settings active on those devices.  

Luma Support can offer assistance in changing these settings via email ([email protected]) or by calling (800-684-LUMA). Additionally, contacting the ISP may be necessary in certain cases, if the device was provided directly.


If a personal firewall is present, the following ports may need to be manually opened:

Required Ports:

tcp/4242 - outbound

tcp/4243 - outbound

tcp/4505 - outbound

tcp/4506 - outbound


NOTE:  Luma does not listen for inbound connections on any port, and as a rule tcp/80 (HTTP) outbound will be open for all home networks. However, if it is not, and similar sites will not work properly. This closure can also impact speed results being accurately displayed in the Luma mobile apps. 


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