Adding 2.4Ghz-Only Devices to your Luma Network


Some devices that only support 2.4Ghz protocols recognize the multiple Luma devices as separate networks. This can make it difficult to add such devices to a Luma network.

The following steps have been successful for myriad 2.4Ghz devices including Nest thermostats, some printers, Fitbit scales, and more:


- Disconnect non-hub Lumas from power.

- Forget Luma network on printer and then reconnect with only the hub connected

- Assign Static IP address to printer

- Power-cycle Printer

- Reconnect nodes to power


If the above steps do not work, additional research on the protocols and functionality of the 2.4Ghz device is needed, and Luma Support is happy to help better understand your devices and how they might fit into your Luma network. 


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    Jason Nelson

    I had a customer trying to connect a Harmony remote control hub to Luma, would not work. Had him power down nodes and it connected to Luma hub. Brought nodes back up, remote still working. See ticket:

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    Aneesh Khan

    Glad it worked!

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