How does Luma work with Amazon Echo (Alexa)?


Luma offers 3rd party integration with products such as Amazon Echo (Alexa), which offers the opportunity to both prioritize a device on the network and pause a specific user account from accessing the internet until unpaused.  

Featured below is an overview of the Default Prioritized Device and Default Pause Person functions through the Luma app and how they pertain and function in conjunction with Amazon Echo (Alexa). 


Setting Up Alexa for Luma


  • Install the Alexa app onto the mobile device. 
  • Open the Alexa app. Go to Skills
  • Search for Luma.




  • Select the Luma skill for Alexa. 
  • Once downloaded, Enable the skill. 
  • Enter the same Luma credentials used in the Luma app.
  • The success screen will follow.
  • Luma skill is now successfully installed on Alexa.





Setting up the Luma App for the Installed Alexa Skills


  • Open the Luma app. 
  • Go to the Main Menu section (three lines at the top, left corner of the screen).
  • In iOS select Wifi Settings, in Android select My Account
  • Select the Default Prioritized Device





Note: The Default Prioritized Device feature allows prioritization of one device's traffic over the entire network. This is exceptionally helpful with streaming devices or computers requiring more concentrated bandwidth for optimal performance. An example might be an Apple TV being used to stream a show on the network. Merely issue the command: "Alexa, tell Luma Wifi to prioritize my Apple TV" and, once set in the Luma app, that device will then receive priority over all others on the network.

Response from Alexa: “Your default device has been prioritized.”

or "Please configure default device in the Luma application." (If the Default Prioritized Device has not yet been chosen in the Luma app.)

To unprioritize a device, first change the device priority in the Luma app, then tell Alexa to prioritize as reviewed above.



To set up a Default Pause Person, merely tap Default Pause Person and choose the intended user.


Note: Default Pause Person tells Alexa what user on the network to Pause when given the command: "Alexa, tell Luma Wifi to pause _____ . "  This feature is perfect for keeping distractions out of the way during dinner, keeping focus on homework, or even enforcing bedtime. When this function is enabled, all devices associated with the single user are subsequently paused. (This would also include Alexa itself if configured under this user.) To allow for only a single device pause, create a new user and assign the intended device. Once assigned, the Default Pause Person should be set to this separated account to allot for the single device to be paused.   

 Alexa will appropriately respond to the command given with: 

"Your Wifi has been paused."


 To Reactivating Paused User


Issue the Command: "Alexa, tell Luma Wifi to resume _____" (Insert Default Pause Person originally paused.)


Response from Alexa: Your default person's Wifi has been paused.”


“Please configure default person in the Luma application.”  (If the user in question has not been set up in the Luma app as shown above.) 


Watch the following video for additional information concerning Alexa here.



If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact Luma Support via email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 684-5862. 

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