How do I configure Port Forwarding in the Luma App?

The Luma Port Forwarding feature is identical in both versions of the App. 

Please note that the first several steps are identical to the Static DHCP Reservation steps found here.


Creating a Port Forwarding Rule

Open the Luma App.

Tap on the Menu (three lines at the top left corner.)

Tap on WiFi Settings.





Tap on Advanced (underneath Default Prioritized Device after scrolling down.)

Tap on Static DHCP Leases and Port Forwarding.



Select Add in the top right corner of the screen to add a Static DHCP Lease for your device.

Select the Device intended for the Static DHCP Lease from the list.

Select Next from the top right corner.




Assign an IP Address to the device chosen.

Select Add Port Forward and add either a Single port to forward or a Range and select Save





Once all data is input correctly, select Save again.

You will be prompted to restart the device in order for the Port Forwarding to take effect.

The newly created DHCP Lease will show in the list.



Deleting a Static DHCP Lease


Select the previously created Static DHCP Lease from the list. 

Select Delete Lease.

Success screen will show, confirming deletion of the lease. 





As always, our team is here to help with any configuration that you have! Please feel free to reach out to us via live support at 800-684-LUMA, Chat via either app, or via email at [email protected]

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