What is the Security tab in the Luma App and what features does it offer?


The new and improved Luma Security Alerts offer in-depth visibility into network alerts by device, giving an enhanced insight into the traffic on the network. As alerts occur, the Luma admin can see details, timestamps, alert types, as well as additional relevant data that can help assess network vulnerabilities. Once the alert is reviewed, an option to dismiss appears. 





To view current Network Alerts, select Security (in both iOS and Android). 





Tap Security Mode to select how the Luma network should monitor traffic. 

  • Security Off - All security features disabled. (Not usually recommended for most users.)
  • Detect - Luma actively monitors devices on the network and detects suspicious activity.
  • Detect & Block - Luma monitors devices on the network and actively blocks suspicious activity. (Recommended for most users. )




Tapping each Device under the Network Alerts list will open the alerts associated with that device.
(On iOS, alerts can be dismissed by swiping to the left on the alert and selecting Dismiss). 

Tapping the Alert opens the information pane concerning that alert, including the following information:

  • Device that triggered the alert.
  • Category of alert.
  • Domain of the alert.
  • User to which the device is assigned.

Additionally, a Dismiss Alert option (as seen below) is included on this page.




Once in the Alert pane, tapping the circled "i" at the top right corner of the screen will open a description of the type of alert and why it was flagged. An example of a Botnet Attack is below. 




System Requirements
Luma 1.0.8 supports the following OS versions:
Android: Android 4.3 and higher (certain features require higher versions of Android)
iOS: iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS)




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