How do I set a Bedtime restriction for a user?


The Bedtime feature gives Luma administrators the ability to set bedtime rules for individuals on the network. A bedtime schedule can be set per user for the entire week or just certain days. During the selected bedtime period, the user will have their Internet access paused until the set awake time.

The methods for setting a bedtime in iOS and Android are as follows:

  • Select People.
  • Select the user intended to set a bedtime. 
  • Select Restrictions (iOS) or Policies (Android).
  • Select Bedtime.
  • Tap to toggle on Bedtime in the top right corner. 
  • Set appropriate Time Zone for the network. (OK will use the currently listed Time Zone, which is native to the device using the Luma app.)
  • Set DaysStart, and End times appropriately for that user. 
  • Select Save (iOS only). (Or return to the previous screen via the top left arrow in Android.)
  • Select OK on Success screen. (iOS only). 

To disable Bedtime, follow the above instructions until "tap to toggle." This will disable the user's Bedtime until re-enabled.




System Requirements
Luma 1.0.8 supports the following OS versions:
Android: Android 4.3 and higher (certain features require higher versions of Android)
iOS: iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS)



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