What is the Luma 'WiFi Bouncer'?


Luma includes the ability to allow or block devices after joining your Wifi network, which enables the administrator to control who is allowed on their network at any time.   

The administrator will be alerted (within the Network Alerts screen) when a new device connects to the Luma home network. 

Note: To open the Network Alerts page, select the Notification Bell icon at the top right corner of your app.




Just select the device that has recently joined your network to continue to allow that device to have access.




If "No" is selected, the device will be barred from staying on the Luma home network.  

Note:  The device is blocked even if they have a network password.  



Permitting the device to join your network allows the device to continue its current access to your network. 




If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to Support via email at [email protected], via phone at 800.684.LUMA, or via live Chat through the Luma app directly. 


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